Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine Day !!! ♥

Happy Valentine Day to everyone (^-^)
As normal, I'm having class until 8.30 p.m..
Then my boy came to fetch me home..
Planning to have dinner~
Our conversation in the car :
Bi : hungry anot ??
Me : hungry~
Bi : eat steamboat ya..
Me : oooooooo~ okkkkkkk~
Me : adui~ u abit also not romantic lo..valentine day eat steamboat (>.<)
Bi : u ytday say wanna eat steamboat de ma..
Me : ytday is ytday la..today is valentine leh !!
Bi : then what u wanna eat ?
Me : hmmp~ cincai la~
*Reached home*
Bi : eh..help me took the plastic bag from the bonnet..
Flower that i received from the love one
Me : using the same trick to surprise me again..muahahahahaha
Here is the present i make for him
Actually today was not a good day for me..many thgs happened tat making me unhappy (>.<) but my Ben Ben bi using alots of his patience & efforts to chill me up whenever I'm moody..tqvm bi & tq for everythg..eventhough today we didn't celebrate our Valentine's day like others ppl..but for me, everyday was my valentine whenever together with u..I'm a luck girl (^-^) love u very much

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