Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas !! ♥

Photoshooting @ I-City
Counting Down for X'mas with AP-ians
@ V1 Concept Restaurant & Bar
 Santa of the day !!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pantai Morib !!! ♥

At last !!! 
We are @ Pantai Morib
So many ppls joining this time..
7 cars, 12 ppls !! (^0^)
Nice weather !! Nice view !! Nice frens together !! Nice cars !!
2nd place of the day ::
@ Tanjung Sepat
Went to visit a Pau shop..
& took our lunch
After lunch,
We heading to Sepang Gold Coast !!
Water war is STARTING !!! (^-^)
Tired water war-ing..but super fun time !!!
After war, Craving for dinner~
Having our dinner @ Kajang..
Then went for Fun Fair
Kviin was complaining that we at nearby also dont wan go his house..haha
So, all of us went to his house for...
Continuing BBQ & drinking~ 
Eating again (=.=") omg~

Sunday, December 04, 2011

PC Fair !!!

Suppose today plan was ::
Pulau Morib
But end up, cancelled coz too many ppl FFK (>.<)
So, our plan changed..
Brunch :
@ Steven Corner
- sit for almost 2 hours for discussion on where to go..LOL
Then went to KLCC for PC Fair..
coz Me, Yh, Jen, Thomas & Michael was too boring..
-Get so many free gift there (=.=")
Dinner :
@ Restaurant Wei Foong
After dinner, we (except Thomas) went to
1 Shamelin Shopping Mall
for movie !! *Petaling Street Warrior*