Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Raya & Merdeka !!!

We are having 2days 1night trip 
@ Melaka !!!
1st destination after reached the super jam area is ::
Hotel Emperor Malacca
Done check-in --> Jonker Street !!!
So crowded..
Cendol !!! 
Cendol Again !!! 
Cendol Again Again !!! 
@ Ve'za's Portuguese Seafood
Night view from our hotel !!! 
Hahahahaha...they sleeping facing the same side..so cute~
  Cendol Again Again Again !!! 
B'fast on the 2nd day..
Should said that, this is the 2nd b'fast cause the 1st b'fast was eating Satay Babi 
While on the way going back,
We went to Seremban for ::
Siew Bao 
Didn't went back home..
But went to Sepang Gold Coast 
Tired but SUPER fun & happy day !!! 
Wish to have another nice trip like this !!! (^-^)
(pictures steal from Jen again..blek)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Trip !!! ♥

Our B'fast 
@ A&W
Suppose went to change rims..
But end up become a Trip ::~
Went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi for movie..
Dinner time
Photo(s) was steal from photographer Mr.Jen..haha

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jen's bday !!

Happy Birthday Mr.Jen !!!
Shabu Shabu time !!
This is only a part of the plate (>.<)
Here are the Bday Boi's present !! hahahaha
Then we went for 2nd round 
@ V1 Concept Bar & Restaurant
Noted 2 gay lao there !!! hahahaha
Photo(s) was steal from photographer Mr.Jen..haha

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pulau Ketam ♥

Trip trip trip of the week
Parked the car @ Jeti Pulau Ketam..
Going up this Ferry / Boat or whatever it is to P.Ketam
Our lunch @ P.Ketam..
Fried Sotong, Chili Lala, Ho Zhin & .....
Walked around & photoshooting by Mr.Jen (photographer of the day)
Photo(s) was steal from photographer Mr.Jen..haha

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sakae Sushi !! ♥

Sakae sushi for lunch time ::
New Opening @ BTS
Too bad, I don't have the appetizer to eat due to sick ady (>.<)
Such a wasted =(
Only sit there watching them eat..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday MAMA !! ♥

My b'fast of the day ::
 Garlic Bread by myself 
After ate bread..
Time for Medicine (>.<) ewwww~
The antibiotic was super smelly & big size...god~
The time that we waiting for soooo long ::
Celebrating my mama's bday
@ Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - Hulu Langat