Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year !!! ♥

Happy New Year everyone (^-^)
New Year, New Beginning, New Life, New Style & New Luck ..
Our plan ::
Count Down & BBQ @ Port Dickson
On the way to Puchong, meeting up others..
Nice View right ??
Traffic jams, Road blocks & wrong road..
At last, 3a.m we reached PD
Here is our sleeping area..hahahaha
Around 6a.m, everyone dont know whats the next plan..
So, decided to go Melaka & sleep for 4 hours @ Thomas's gf's house..
Our New Little Cutie fren (^-^)
While on the way going to eat..
We saw this !!!
Melaka Kite Festival !!!
 Nice View & Wind

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