Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year !!! ♥

Story on CNY !!
My boy coloured his hair (^-^)
Night on Reunion dinner with family
@ Restaurant Coral, Pandan Perdana
1st day of CNY !!
So many snack on the table to serve friends (^-^)
My dressing (^-^)
Accompang my boy go Pudu..
Brought a Controller Helicopter..
Then went for shopping..
Night time @ Overtime, OUG
Drunk drunk drunk !!! went to ABC for a rest (=.=")
2nd day of CNY !!
Nothing to do..
Coz my boy went back hometown already (T^T)
3rd day of CNY !!
Start "bai nin" trip..
Place = Kenny's house (^-^)
Almost whole day at there..
Gambling...drinking & snacking
Dinner time ~>
Lou Sang with AP member (^-^)
4th day of CNY !!
Movie movie movie time (^-^)
~> kah kah bak kut teh for brunch..
~> Kc's FB...hahahaha
~> Puchong Hometown..
Celebrating Keong a.k.a lipas 's bday..
We brought him 4pcs of Secret Recipe's cake..
5th day of CNY !!
Movie movie movie Again (^-^)
Then nothing to do already (=.=")
Dinner time : 
Ate porridge..
@ Honkee Porridge, Puchong 
Concentrating on my Street Fighter..LOL
Went to Wings Cafe, Puchong..
So tall right ???

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